Marietta Stories | Crazy cool stories from the community builders of Marietta, Georgia

What makes the town of Marietta, Georgia so welcoming, friendly and the center of Southern hospitality? Listen each week as veteran podcaster Bill Nowicki dives deep to tell the heartwarming, sad and funny stories from the people that make up the fabric of this historic city.
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Marietta Stories | Crazy cool stories from the community builders of Marietta, Georgia



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May 28, 2017

Diane Coll grew up in Chicago and music was always part of her life. As teenagers, her good friend Tracy Smith and her played guitar and sang. Then when they were around 18, Tracy started to act differently. 


As Tracy slipped further into schizophrenia, Diane tried to comfort her with guitar playing. One day when Diane was playing for her, Tracy raised her head and told her something that changed Diane’s life forever…


May 20, 2017

I interviewed Fountaine Lewis in his living room, also known as Marietta Jazz and Jokes. I left knowing a lot more about being cool and Fountaine and his guests for the evening: D’neter Denise, and Gary Harris. All of them are super talented and have a story to share.


Where else in Marietta can you bring your own food and drinks and listen to premiere jazz talents and a comedian between music sets?


But there’s more. 


Fountaine gives back. He has a mason jar on each table for donations that brings musical equipment and instruments to schools. 


Bottom line. My wife and I love Marietta Jazz and Jokes and Fountaine. Come out for his twice a month concerts, you will love it too.

Location: 164 Roswell St, Marietta, Georgia


May 12, 2017

Cassandra Buckalew is on a mission. She loves Marietta and wants to help businesses with her interior designs. After all, she totally transformed Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar, House of Lu and the Brickyard on the Marietta Square. 


But that’s not all.


Cassandra and her husband Brian created Marietta Trolley Tours, because she felt like the city really needed one. Absolutely right!


The whole design thing started young for Cassandra. From doll houses to rearranging her furniture late at night, Cassandra is wired to design.


I am so glad she is here and we all can’t wait to see what is next.

May 4, 2017

Melanie Crissey grew up in Marietta and back then saw the city as old fashioned and conservative. But when the city rallied to renovate the Strand Theater, she began to see Marietta residents in a better light. So no one should be surprised she moved back to Marietta after her going to school at Georgia. 


Melanie not only shifted her mind about Marietta, she shifted her career too. In her college internship, she tried to get local musicians heard by mailing CDs. She used techniques like, “hope your cat is good” to break through the noise. Marketing was her major, but a friend helped get her a job with computer programming. She wrote code to make email newsletters run something.


Fast forward to her current career, Melanie analyzes website data for businesses by looking at the customer experience. 


I think Melanie is not quite settled….