Marietta Stories | Crazy cool stories from the community builders of Marietta, Georgia

What makes the town of Marietta, Georgia so welcoming, friendly and the center of Southern hospitality? Listen each week as veteran podcaster Bill Nowicki dives deep to tell the heartwarming, sad and funny stories from the people that make up the fabric of this historic city.
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Marietta Stories | Crazy cool stories from the community builders of Marietta, Georgia





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Nov 20, 2019

The Emmy Award winning actor, Ed Asner is coming to Marietta! and we talk through his life from his humble beginnings in Kansas City, Kansas to the theater, TV and movies. 

Checkout his one man play at the Strand Theater this weekend.


Nov 19, 2019

Bill caught up Stace Huff and Amanda Seals of the Marietta Pilgrimage. Six beautiful, cottage style homes in the Forest Hills neighborhood are on the tour. There is also an artisan market at Cobb Landmark's, Root House and a lot more.

Buy your tickets for the Pilgrimage, the Pilgrimage Gala and volunteer to help at:



Nov 15, 2019

Bill toured the re-vamped Mistletoe Market, a classic holiday shopping and fundraising event of the Junior League of Cobb-Marietta.

The organizers are bringing together over 40 specialty merchants from across the Southeast for a premiere holiday shopping experience.

Shoppers have access to onsite monogramming, holiday décor, jewelry, luxury dog beds, and much more! The event will take place at the Cobb County Civic Center, November 14-17, 2019. Find more information regarding hours and ticket sales at

Junior League of Cobb-Marietta is an organization of women working together to benefit women and children in the Cobb-Marietta community through fundraising and community service.

Nov 10, 2019

Why buy a blueberry farm near Marietta and start a whole new life? Because Jennifer Maxwell and her husband Matt care deeply about  eating and buying local as an alternative to the organic movement. 


The host, Bill Nowicki, met Jennifer while eating at the Marietta Square Market and Bill was intrigued by Jennifer’s journey from a dairy farm in Central New York to Marietta. Now Jennifer and Matt own Tiny Apple Farms,  a reference to the crab apples that Jennifer saw on the farm. Now with blueberries, bees, figs, pears and chickens they are starting their journey as small farm owners. They hope to work with other local farms to produce dishes that are delicious and very local.


Check out the farm on Instagram and hopefully at the Marietta Square Farmers Market next spring.

Oct 28, 2019

We start Season 4 with Chris Brown, a long-time member of St James Church and someone who has painstakingly gone through the meeting minutes of the lay leadership and the records of the births, deaths, marriages and ceremonies that made the St James community from the 1840's until today.

Chris's story of the early church and the transition through the Civil War years is remarkable. For example, could slaves marry in the church? Could they be buried in the cemetery? Where did the church spend their money?

Chris Brown has the whole story.

Also checkout:


Sep 13, 2019

How do you get a historian excited? You rebuild a historical building that was torn down and you bring it back to life. 


That’s exactly what Grant Rivera and the Marietta School Board have decided to do. The site of the old Lemon Street High School, the black high school in Marietta, was torn down after integration in the 70’s. Now it is being rebuild to house Marietta City Administration offices. There is also work being done to use the Lemon Street grammar school across the street. 


Grant Rivera has spearheaded the effort and he shares the story of the importance of telling the whole story of Marietta and building community at the same time.


Also, his daughter beat cancer and a fundraiser is coming up at Glover Park Brewery on 9/19/19 from 6 to 9 pm. Get your tickets here:

Aug 27, 2019

Rabbi Albert Slomovitz grew up in a divorced family and found solace in the synagogue near his home in North Miami Beach, Florida. So much so, that he decided to dedicate his life to educating young jews. After preaching in front of a congregation, all that changed and he shifted over to becoming a rabbi and then joining the Navy as a chaplain -- one of the few jewish captains in the armed forces.

Now he has a podcast, a professor and author and leader of the Jewish-Christian Discovery Center. His new book and podcast explore Jesus as a Jew and how his jewishness informed his whole life. 

Find links to his podcast and his new book, which is coming out soon.



Jul 29, 2019

Ria Uppapati started a non-profit at 15 years old: Forever Earth, Inc. Bill met Ria and her Mom at a North Marietta Community Garden event and she had a lot to share, so we decided to do an interview.

She is working to reduce plastic locally, starting at her Dad's restaurant (Hemingways). She has also reached out to other businesses to recruit them to use metal plates with paper on top, a step in the right direction to reduce plastic waste.

She is also leading a battery recycling program (September 21th at Tucker park), sponsoring a child's college education in India and getting her classmates to join in.

Busy young woman!

Checkout these links to learn more and get involved.

Email Ria:

North Marietta Community Garden



Jun 15, 2019

Vivian Hansen grew up in Mississippi and Alejo Porras in Costa Rica. Even though they had very different backgrounds, they ended up in the Savannah School of Art and Design and fell in love.

They recently started a family and a business called Two Rivers Creative. They create book illustrations and many other wonderful art projects. Bill met them at a storytelling festival at Sewell Mill and knew they had a really cool story.

Here it is...


May 24, 2019

It seemed like everyone made it to Taylor Park to celebrate an exceptional mail carrier, Floyd Martin. He retired on Thursday after 35 years and has touched many lives in a special way.

This is a story of community, love and the impact of one person's life on so many.

May 12, 2019

Justin Waller and Thomas Monti are teachers at heart with a passion for beer brewing.

They met as middle school science teachers and became friends. When Justin's wife got him a home brewing kit, Justin and Thomas became interested and then obsessed with making beer and the science behind it. 

Now they run, Schoolhouse Brewing in a new location in the Franklin Gateway area of Marietta.

They have cool touches, globes you might remember from middle school as well as school bus bench seats. 

Check it out.


May 4, 2019

Tom Dugan brings his one man play, Wiesenthal, to Marietta's Strand Theatre May 29th through June 2nd. 

Tom's dad was a veteran who experienced the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp. Tom became a playwright and wrote the play after researching Simon Wiesenthal's Nazi hunting work. 

However, this play is a mixture of laughs (it starts with a joke) and the quest for justice.

Get your tickets soon, they are going support fast.

Strand Marietta



Apr 27, 2019

Jerry King grew up in rural Mississippi and wanted out when he knew his life would be limited. So at 18 he joined the Army and ended up in operation Desert Shield to liberate Kuwait. 

After 10 years, he got out and worked as a policeman and enjoyed interacting with people and dealing with every person uniquely.

Eventually, Jerry joined the SWAT team and took part on 1800 missions, but SWAT was not like being a patrolman, he missed the interaction with the public.

So photography was a way to re-connect with people and bring out there story through getting the right shot. 

That was how J King Images was born and he continues to wow customers with his images.


Apr 21, 2019

Today I met with Diona McIntire, Dr. Tim Boone and Rebecka Kern at Park Street Elementary School. 

Diona McIntire is the principal and is called to help change children's lives. Her passion started from the beginning. She redecorated the school and on this day was wearing pajamas so the children are reminded to get "lots of rest for the test", in preparation for skills testing.

I also spoke with Tim Boone, the secretary of the PTA and coordinator of the 75th Anniversary Gala and Rebecka Kern, the PTA president and a mom of a student at the school.

Checkout the gala and the programs at this school. They are always looking for help and it is a special place. 

Attend the Park St Gala

Park Street's Website


Apr 12, 2019

In our second update, Stace Huff and Amanda Seals talk about the process of getting 6 homeowners to agree to have 4,000 people tour their homes.

Does it help that Stace is a therapist? You bet!

Forest Hills is a terrific place for this year's Marietta Pilgrimage. It has lovely homes that harken back to days when the roads into Marietta were dirt and central air conditioning was only a dream.


Mar 30, 2019

The Marietta Pilgrimage is a huge part of Marietta. Every first weekend in December, thousands come to see some of .

This year is no different. Forest Hills neighborhood is the choice for 2019. This neighborhood began in 1928 and continues as an area of cute homes that were homes for Marietta merchants.

Get this special behind the scenes glimpse into the process of creating the pilgrimage tour.



Mar 23, 2019

We at Marietta Stories are obsessed with maintaining a sense of community in our crazy social media world. Well, Jean Parker, Sarah Bullington, Emily Hogarth, her husband Wes, Robin Plett and a bunch of other folks allowed me to tag along to one of their progressive dinners. They also made the night of “the giving kitchen” ( a non-profit created to help people in the restaurant service industry, with a $1000 check.


Enjoy the journey from appetizers to dessert and learn about this community of people that make Maple Ave one of the gems of the Marietta.

Feb 22, 2019

Bill catches up with all the dance teams prior to the Dancing with the Stars of Marietta show. He also meets some of the young dancers from Georgia Metro Dance Theatre (did I mention this was a fundraiser for this worthy cause), as well as witnessing some behind the scenes jitters from the teams.


Bill also catches up with the artistic director for the theatre, Ashleigh Whitworth and we discuss the importance of dance in children’s development. 


Who won? You will just have to listen.


Send your tax deductible contribution to:

Jan 31, 2019

You know Sam Rambo from Rambo Nursery and Glover Park Brewery, but did you know Sam and his wife Hannah volunteered to be contestants on Dancing with the Stars of Marietta?


Well they did and Marietta Stories Podcast got a special sneak peak of the practice. Gray Stoner, the assistant artistic director of Georgia Metro Dance Theatre led Team #5 with her choreography.


Will they win? Come to the competition on Saturday, 2/9/19 at the Marietta Strand and support the Georgia Metro Dance Theatre to find out!


Tickets are available at:

Jan 5, 2019

Michael Shaffer traveled to rural southwest Virginia for a church history talk; the story of a Methodist church that was built a year after the Civil War ended. Afterwards, an older lady presented a trunk full of papers and letters from Tom Colley, her relative who spent years as a member of the 1st Virginia Cavalry. She asked Michael to take the materials and create a book. Michael agreed on the spot. 


From that trunk of materials, Michael Shaffer began piecing together Tom Colley’s story into the book, “Of Memory of Self and Comrades.” This collection of letters recounts Tom Colley’s service in the including his near death experience on the battlefield as well as the demons that appeared long after the bullets stopped.


Michael and Bill also discuss ways to tell the story of the South and the recent controversy over Confederate monuments. 


Michael’s Website


Amazon book link

Dec 1, 2018

Theresa Jenkins started the Marietta Pilgrimage in 1987, and has grown from 700 visitors the first year to over 4,000 this year. 


I caught up with her at the Pilgrimage Gala, a black tie fundraiser on the Friday evening before the two-day tour event. 

Nov 27, 2018

Terri Hendricks and Patricia Kapotes found themselves at a crossroads. They divorced around the same time and realized their financial support was running out. They both decided that running a local shop that celebrates good design and local pride was what they needed to do. 


They were lucky in finding a spot on the Marietta Square on Church Street and took the leap, worrying not if they failed, but what if they didn’t try it.


Their were several challenges along the way: a building that was not in good shape, finding stuff that people wanted to buy and foot traffic on the Square was not where it needed to be. 


That was three years ago. 


Today, Market with a B is a thriving business that brings together people and businesses that give back and makes folks smile.

Nov 18, 2018

Sherry and Dee podcast about topics that everyone should be discussing, but aren’t. It all started when, as co-workers, they found themselves engaged in hysterical and unusual conversation about research on fecal transplants and poop. 


That discussion was confirmation for the two that their mutual shared interest in all things health and wellness and comfortable banter would be fun for others too. 


They started the Southern Fried Girlfriends podcast last year and are having those discussions between themselves and with experts in different fields. Season 1 featured emotional health topics including modern mothering, divorce and loss, nutrition and health topics like dietary fats and healthy cooking, and they end every show with the question, “what’s one thing you’re going to do today to be healthier?” Sherry and Dee are ready for season 2 with plans to tackle subjects like sex trafficking, abuse and alcohol. Listen up…

Nov 11, 2018

Kristen Beaudin and Natalie Wilson are remaking they way they educate kids at Hickory Hills Elementary School. Their passion and strong relationship allowed them to ask, how can we better serve the needs of our children? 


Armed with ideas and a supportive front office (thanks superintendent Grant Rivera), they embarked on Hickory Corner, a 4 step way to serve the 387 children. 


You can help! Volunteer today and spread the word about this outstanding program. 


Hickory Hills Office





Kristen’s Email


Natalie’s Email

Nov 3, 2018

One of Hank DuPre’s ancestor on his Mom's side was the first mayor of Marietta. On his Dad's side were business owners on the square. Now along with another OM (Old Marietta) Sam Rambo, they opened a brewery and social gathering place named after Hank’s ancestor, Glover Park Brewery.

This episode is full of stories: Hank and Sam's relationship, the building’s fascinating history, and Hank and Sam's beer brewing journey (thanks to brewmaster, Kevin McNerney).

Hank and Sam are lifelong friends that created a gathering place where all Mariettians can watch a game, have a brew, play with your dog or just hang out. 

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