Marietta Stories | Crazy cool stories from the community builders of Marietta, Georgia

What makes the town of Marietta, Georgia so welcoming, friendly and the center of Southern hospitality? Listen each week as veteran podcaster Bill Nowicki dives deep to tell the heartwarming, sad and funny stories from the people that make up the fabric of this historic city.
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Marietta Stories | Crazy cool stories from the community builders of Marietta, Georgia



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Feb 27, 2017

How many local pharmacy do you know of? I thought they were all replaced by the big chains. But I was wrong. Turns out Poole’s Pharmacy has been serving the people of Marietta for since 1974, when Mr. Poole opened the store near Kennestone Hospital. 

Thomas Sherrer’s Dad John, joined Mr. Poole when he graduated pharmacy school in 1979. Thomas moved the practice to their current location, right next to Dave Poe’s BBQ, west of the square on Whitlock.

Thomas’ talks about his journey to Poole’s. Sure he helped out when he was younger, but he wasn’t sure being a pharmacist was the path he wanted to take. Marietta is lucky he came around and decided to take over.

Another millennial making a difference.

Thomas shows up to work everyday committed to carrying on Poole’s traditions. He was taught that when customers are sick, they are vulnerable and needed your help.

Thomas and his staff makes sure his customers are supported both when they are sick and when they are well again. 

Sounds like a great business plan to me!


Feb 14, 2017

Diesel David Samaha grew up working on cars. When he was 12, his neighbor and him rebuilt a go cart engine and ended up speeding past his amazed friends. He continued to hone his skills and eventually went to school to learn gasoline and diesel engines. Now his company, Diesel David, LLC ( comes to your home or place of business and fixes your car. Isn’t that much better than waiting in a car repair shop’s customer area?

Feb 4, 2017

Brielle Gaines started selling early. When she was 3, she would sell the pictures she colored to other kids. She thinks she enjoyed the selling, not the money part.

She continued selling as she grew, helping her mom with yard sales and eventfully going to school for marketing. 

Today she owns and runs Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar, a business on the Square in Marietta.

She has been successful from the start, but it is not by chance. She went on social media to connect to customers prior to opening and now has fans all over the country.

She also has an open atmosphere so that workers become part of growing the business. Brielle has also created systems to make sure everyone on staff creates a similar customer experience.

Totally impressed...