Marietta Stories | Crazy cool stories from the community builders of Marietta, Georgia

What makes the town of Marietta, Georgia so welcoming, friendly and the center of Southern hospitality? Listen each week as veteran podcaster Bill Nowicki dives deep to tell the heartwarming, sad and funny stories from the people that make up the fabric of this historic city.
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Marietta Stories | Crazy cool stories from the community builders of Marietta, Georgia



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Oct 30, 2016

Carlos Marin grew up in Mexico and came to this country at the age of 15, without speaking a word of English. He met a kindly teacher in high school who helped him navigate through the difficult transition. He also worked in his brother’s restaurant and eventually went into business with him.  


Some years later, he is running his own business, Best Hand Car Wash on Whitlock Ave, building great customer service every time he sees you.


Carlos also talks about his great family, his wife and four kids. 


I think Carlos can teach a little about customer service to everyone, but could use some help dealing with his teenage daughter.

Oct 23, 2016

00:53 Johnny Fulmer talks about how a trip to NYC started our Farmer’s Market.


Church Street Market




07:26 McKenzie Snow

(678) 876-6369

12 Powder Springs Suite 255

Marietta, Georgia


12:11 Annie’s Baking



15:47 Scott and Dixie Reaver

The Herb Garden



19:59 Christian Neculae, Sausage World

Dracula Pork and Dracula Chicken



24:30 Allene’s Farm Fresh Produce

Sara Freeze


25:57 Mad Momma Gourmet Soups

Owner Amy Smith



30:50 Yae Organics

Natalie Murray



36:34 Marco Martinez

100% Salsas



45:00 Mo’ Mint & Thyme

Burma Braham



50:14 Triple J Land and Livestock Farm

Josh Banta



57:09 Marietta Pedicabs

Ghosts of Marietta

Brian Buckalew

Casandra Buckalew

Oct 9, 2016

Christa McCay, the Registrar of the Marietta Museum of History and she thinks holding a piece of Marietta history in your had and knowing the story of the item, is the her passion. She also talks about her love of cemeteries, the museum’s disaster plan and some of the folks that are buried there.

On October 15th, she has a guided tour of the city cemetery and tickets are limited. Check it out!

Oct 4, 2016

Johnny Walker and Carey Cox know Marietta. It’s probably because they lived here since they were born and their ancestors lived and ran businesses here too. Carey wanted to continue their descendants’ entrepreneurial ways and asked Johnny to start a new business. So began Johnny Walker Realty (

Bill sits down with them and talks about their lives and why community and Marietta are so important to them.

Johnny talks about his early years working in his Dad’s clothing store, Johnny Walker, Inc. Johnny is the son of Johnny “Mac” Walker, who started the clothing store many years ago on the Marietta Square and expanded as the company grew. Johnny worked for his Dad and learned to take care of customers.

Johnny recalls many things about Marietta growing up like trying to climb a greased pole in the Square for a dollar bill.

Carey Cox is next and he discusses his family. His ancestor was the first medical doctor in town. Carey recalls a simpler time in Marietta, where as kids he would ride their bike to schools and go all over town without an issue. His father started a printing company that ran for many years in town and Carey was paid in Cokes for his printing deliveries. He remembers those days with an antique soda machine in his office.

Carey worked as a mortgage broker and began selling real estate and decided it was time to start a business. Who else to teacup with, but Johnny Walker.

Does starting a new venture seem a little stressful? If you walk by the office at 262 Church Street some evenings you just might hear Carey playing his Gibson guitar. He calls it his stress ball.