Marietta Stories l Inspiring and historical stories from the community of Marietta, Georgia

What makes the town of Marietta, Georgia so welcoming, friendly and the center of Southern hospitality? Listen each week as Amy and John speaks with the community so they can tell their heartwarming, sad and funny stories about this historic city.
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Marietta Stories l Inspiring and historical stories from the community of Marietta, Georgia








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Jun 9, 2018

For over twenty years, Rhonda Weisberg has served as a clairsentient intuitive, working with clients across the country, bringing them clarity, insight, peace of mind, and “spiritual coaching” from their higher selves, Spirit guides, and angels. 


Rhonda also works with animals. So I brought along Lucy, our 6 year old, miniature Dachshund for a reading. Let’s check out how it all went down!


Rhonda’s website


The shelter Rhonda refers to…

Jun 7, 2018

Just one week from the opening of “Title of Show”! Bill meets most of the gang at the Two Birds Taphouse for a pre-rehersal dinner and drinks. (Did you know Marietta Theatre Company has their own drink?)


The team feels confident as Bill speaks with the actors (Blaine Clotfelter, Gina Ann Riggs, Jeff Cooper and Becky Ittner) who are “off book”. 


Bill also speaks with the musical director, Shane Simmons about the crew and his life before the Marietta Theatre Company.


Get your tickets while they last!


Two Birds Taphouse

Jun 3, 2018

Blaine Clotfelter and Jeff Cooper love to act. They started Marietta Theatre Company along with a few friends you’ll meet in the next episode.

In this episode, you’ll get a behind the scene view of two men that do what they love and are helping to revive the Square’s once thriving theatre district.

Their latest musical, “Title of Show” sounds like a reason winner!


May 29, 2018

Bill catches up with Raul and the gang. Special thanks to the sponsors listed!!!


Larry Rica 00:54

and Scott Kinsey 8:56

Fork You Concepts

30 South Park Square

Marietta, GA 


Raul Thomas 16:57

Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square


Emil Thomas



Evette Thomas



Skylar Eugenio



David Fore 41:22

City Club Marietta


Kevin Dugan / Sysco foods 49:55


John Hyle, VP Sales, SuperSource 1:00:00

May 24, 2018

Wow! What a life Buddy Finethy has led!

From a Dad who was on the run to finding comic books to creating the Mellow Mushroom art to... There is just a lot going on in this man's life. Did I mention he learned how to build a tribe from the Dead Heads? (That's the group of folks that followed the Grateful Dead around the country).

Hawg and Ale opened in April 2018 and Buddy and his partners created a place that includes art that focuses on American Bad a--es and food that celebrates the best in Southern BBQ. (They recently won best BBQ at the Taste of Marietta.)

I know you will enjoy this wide ranging and fun episode...


May 17, 2018

Bill was interviewed for the Marietta Daily Journal and decided to include podcast alumni in the photo shoot at the square. Here's all the folks that showed up on a Friday in May.

Pete Bush, Matt Rooke, Crista McCay, Michael Shaffer, Carey Cox, April Forshee, Brielle Gaines, Amber Markay Byrd, Jen Stark and Christie Clark.

Any thanks to everyone that has made Marietta Stories Podcast great!


May 10, 2018

Komal and Yogesh Patel moved to the US from India where they had a hybrid arranged marriage. The hybrid part is pretty interesting, you’ll have to hear how that worked.


Anyway, they were having some health issues and made a connection between their issues and not getting the right foods, like they had in India. 


So they started Nature’s Pick and brought the best natural food to just west of the square on Whitlock Avenue. 


Bill speaks with the Patel’s as well as some of the other folks working at the Taste of Marietta.




Mentioned on the episode:


Nature’s Pick Market


Tickled pink Reflexology

Theatre in the Square

Johnny Walker Realty



May 4, 2018

John Silvey is a busy, busy man. I guess he was born busy.  He started working at 14 years old with his mom and has not stopped. He has always had a servant’s heart.


He also is known as “the fixer”. Straightening out failing restaurants and moving on to the next challenge. 


We talk about all those things plus:

  • Meeting his wife online — 14 years ago
  • Becoming a director 
  • Supporting Marietta City Schools
  • What’s up in the Marietta Business Association
  • His upcoming films (yeah he is a filmmaker too!)
  • 3-4 hours of sleep a night…


Enjoy this fast paced and fun episode!


John’s restaurants

Apr 29, 2018

I attended the career day at Marietta High School. I spoke to some students and a few businesses. I also got to meet Sam, Amanda and Jen Hobby of 94.1…


Georgia Trade School




David McDonald — Modern Image


Star 94.1



Marietta Theatre in the Square

Golf Tournament Sponsor Raul Thomas - 678-270-7272

Apr 19, 2018

In their first year, the East Cobb Hit Squad won 14 games. This spring league team of 8-10 year olds made a name for itself and plan on doing the same thing this spring. 


Kvalito owner Shahid Hussain hosts a fundraising event for the team and everybody shows up: the players, the coach, the team moms and the cheerleaders. 


Enjoy this fun interview!

Football Team on Facebook

Kvalito on Facebook


Apr 14, 2018

Felecia Prezzano and her daughter Brielle Gaines continue to build their tea empire. Today, they opened their second store in downtown Woodstock building on what they learned from their Marietta Square location. By the time I arrived, they had served over 250 orders and were very busy.


But they both had time to reflect on their journeys. We discuss their Instagram worthy restaurant design and the circle (bubble) motif designed by Cassandra Buckalew, the same Cassandra Buckalew from Season 1 of Marietta Stories Podcast.


I also met a couple, Greg and Rose that drove up from Cleveland (Georgia) just to get some of that delicious Tiny Bubbles Tea!


Apr 11, 2018

Roy Barnes learned politics from the front porch of his father’s general store in Mableton, Georgia. Storytelling is part of his DNA and Governor Barnes tells many in this informative interview from those humble beginnings to the governors mansion and back to Marietta.

Wonder what it was like to remove the confederate battle flag from the Georgia state flag? How about his thoughts about today’s political leaders? What about his wife’s decorations and Governor’s blend pipe tobacco?

Enjoy this fun and informative episode of a true leader.

Apr 5, 2018
Malika Bowling came into this world with barely a fighting chance. She was put up for adoption at an orphanage in India and her survival rate was slim. Thank goodness she was adopted by two loving people who practically smuggled her out of the country to nurse her back to health in America. 
She grew up in East Cobb and graduated from Pope High School. Malika went on to become a food and travel writer, authoring several books, most recently Culinary Atlanta: Guide to the Best Restaurants, Marketing and Breweries. She discussed her journey to getting to where she is today (it's never a straight path) and how grateful she is to have grown up in the United States. Plus, she mentions cooking and her favorite new kitchen tool, and what she loves to cook in it. 

Malika Bowling is a freelance food and travel writer based in Atlanta and Editor at She's the author of Culinary Atlanta: Guide to the Best Restaurants, Markets, Breweries and More! and Food Blogging 101. She has been featured on HGTV and The Huffington Post and has been a contributing writer to USA Today. Malika has also served as a judge at various culinary competitions and food festivals. 

Mar 30, 2018

Growing up in Marietta, Mo Isom was driven to be the best soccer player around. At age 9, she decided she would get a sports scholarship to college, after hearing a older family friend that he had a scholarship.

Several years later she walked unto the field at LSU  and she became an all American goal keeper. She even appeared on ESPN when she kicked a 90 yard goal. 

But all wasn’t as it seemed. 

Join me as we talk through her Dad’s suicide, her near death in a car wreck and her beginning life all over again.

We also discuss her latest book, “Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot”.

Available at


Mar 17, 2018

When Damien Daigle was filled with wonder the first time he opened a computer. The fan, the boards, the wires, everything he saw amazed him. 

But he needed to learn about life the hard way. A failed 3 month trip to Louisiana, where he was a Walmart greeter, a return home and eventually he found himself working on computers and learning to solve seemingly insurmountable problems.

Hear the rest of Damien’s amazing story, including his journey to owning and providing for his family through his Computer R Us small business. Hint: he provides terrific customer service at a fair price.


Computers R Us


Mar 11, 2018

Brandon Stiles is a long-time Marietta resident and entrepreneur.

From his early days of playing out in the metro area’s bustling live music scene to his current work consulting Atlanta businesses on their digital marketing strategy and implementation- Brandon has seen his share of ups and downs in small business.

In this episode, he shares his insights on how to grow and properly market your business.

You’ll learn things like: 

⁃How to stack your businesses value (instead of discounting your prices)

⁃The steps to building an online sales funnel in order to keep customers coming ‘through the doors’ (be it brick and mortar or online)

⁃The real reason most entrepreneurs start a business, and how to use that mentality to grow 

To learn more about Brandon and his services, check out:

Special thanks to Ignite HQ for the use of their studio.

Also thanks to our sponsor!

Johnny Walker Realty


Mar 4, 2018

Jen Starks and Christie Clarke met at the Marietta Library. They knew they were homeschoolers because their kids were about the same age. They connected like were like magnets. 

But their relationship had some bumps. They once went to Asheville during a ice storm and had the longest hug ever when they made it and knew each other was safe. 

Now they host a Saturday morning connections Meetup at Cool Beans in Marietta and help other entrepreneurs connect with influencers and build relationships. 

Jen's Leaning Local

Christie's Business 

Christie's Send Out Cards Link

Jen's Send Out Cards Link

Luly Rae Cleaning Service FaceBook Page



Feb 24, 2018

Raul Thomas was not prepared to open a theater. He is a chef by trade and when the opportunity presented itself, Raul leaned heavily on his youngest son, Emil to carry him through. 

But Emil was not going to make it easy. Emil felt that good theater made you uncomfortable and started a conversation. After three years, the theater is thriving and Raul has learned quite a bit from his son.

Thanks to this show’s sponsor, Johnny Walker Realty.


Feb 18, 2018

Luis starting selling mangos in Puerto Rico at the age of 12 to help his single mother supplement her factory income. He joined the Army and learned English in a few months. While in the military, he bought his first house.


Now he started a concrete business that puts the customer first and aligns with his priorities.


I hope you enjoy this inspirational episode!


John Forest, Director of Operations



Jay “Guards” Boudrie — Vice President & General Manager of PSI Security


Extreme Color


Feb 11, 2018

Missy Owen (sorry I said Owens in the intro!) lost her son Davis to the disease of addiction. Davis didn’t fit the mold of an addict; he was class president in high school and loved by everyone.


Everything changed when Davis decided to take something from the medicine cabinet when he was having trouble sleeping. That one moment changed everything for Davis and his family.


After Davis overdosed, his mom Missy realized that a big gap in recovery was not having anywhere to go after successful rehab. In fact, you are 32% more likely to die after rehab than if you just continued using!


She found a 21,000 foot facility for sale and got them to lease it to her. She called it The Zone and with a whole bunch of work, donations and love, it has been thriving.


Now she wants to go nationwide and Build Communities of Recovery and is holding a conference her in Marietta September 26-29, 2018.


Check it out!




The Zone and Davis Direction


Oct 20, 2017

As soon as he could reach the keys, Paul started piano lessons. He went on to the flute, then on to several other instruments (and singing). He also had an ear for music, he could hear a song and play it on several instruments.

Now he conducts several groups, teaches private lessons and sings on the choir on Sunday.

Busy man!

But he believes that classical music has a presentation problem…  So now he is conducting the Marietta Symphony Orchestra at Raul Thomas’s Theater on the Square on 10/28/17. He is going to treat classical music like other music forms. He going to tell the story of each piece he does. 

Sounds like a plan!

For tickets…


Oct 15, 2017

Some of Aaron Marino’s biggest impacts happened in a few brief moments. The first one was when his mom bought him a gym membership. Another was the moment his wife bought him a video camera in 2008. Both led to life altering decisions, the first to own a gym the second to do videos to help men with advice on grooming, dating and fashion.

Of course, there were problems along the way. Failed businesses, debt and selling beer from a golf cart. 

But each time, Aaron got up and started again. 

Now he runs a men’s fitness, grooming and men’s fashion Youtube channel called AlphaM and 6 businesses. He’s grown the Youtube channel to 3 million subscribers and continues putting out content weekly to help guys with stuff they need to know.

This week, internet star, online business master and Marietta resident, Aaron Marino!


Oct 14, 2017

It was a pouring down freezing rain day in December when the Marietta Blue Devils played in their second state championship game. They battled fierce weather and came together as a  team despite integrating with the Lemon Street school that very year. 

Hear from the players and one cheerleader that were there and what it was like to win one for Marietta High School.

Episode includes:

Bill Kelly, Bob and Jim Cagel, Mike Welsh, Ken Delk , Freddie Summerour , David White, 

Vickie Young, (cheerleader), Ralph Hudgins, Lori Hill and Mickey Brown!

Oct 13, 2017

Homecoming is a huge part of Marietta! The parade and the traditions that really makes Marietta unique. 

Hear from the current Marietta High School football players, cheerleaders, band members and the athletic director, Paul Hall!

Oct 11, 2017

What is Amber and the rest of the crew at Markay Gallery up to for October’s Art Walk? Well, she has a virtual reality simulation with Anthony Harris (, a new exhibit called Gem, artists Mary Jane Huegel and Don Kolberg and a podcast called Marietta Stories!


And it just so happens, Sally Macaulay shows up to give an update on the Chalktober Fest celebration that’s going on this weekend on the Square. Five countries represented!


I also speak with the assistant gallerist, Morgan Gillespie. She hasn’t been out of school that long, but she has some advice about the role of art in all of our lives.


Let’s explore a virtual world and Markay Gallery!

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